Telespazio VEGA showcases Flood Warning & Mitigation service


28 March 2017 – Telespazio VEGA today presented the outputs of its Flood Warning & Mitigation service, which is designed to improve the current Environment Agency Flood Risk mapping.

The project, delivered as part of the Space for Smarter Government Programme (SSGP), uses SAR imagery to improve the mapping. The presentation was done as part of Flood & Coast 2017, where Telespazio VEGA is exhibiting alongside its project partner Ambiental.

Telespazio VEGA’s Head of Geospatial Information Services, Jonathan Shears, said: “Historically the remote sensing of flooding has occurred in a very reactive way which can mean that a satellite is tasked too late or in the wrong location. Furthermore, data was often not available within useful timeframes. There was clearly a need for a faster, more accurate solution – which is what our service delivers to the market for the first time.”

Telespazio VEGA is a leader in developing and delivering geospatial business services based on satellite data. It’s Flood Warning & Mitigation service uses high revisit day/night satellite imagery combined with advanced hydrological flood flow modelling from Ambiental. This can produce much more accurate and rapid delineated flood extents over complex urban regions and extensive rural expanses twice per day. It will provide near real-time flood situation updates via a web service to enable accurate flood extents to be determined during incidents as a new valuable capability for the wider responder community.

2017/03/28 5:15

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