Telespazio VEGA UK is an industry leader in the provision of satellite observations within the climate change marketplace. Our involvement spans all aspects of the value chain from market / user requirements analysis, software infrastructure, data provision services, sector-specific applications and user training, as part of both ESA’s Climate Change Initiative Programme and the European Commission’s Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S).

CCI Open Data Portal


Telespazio VEGA UK is the prime contractor for the CCI Data Access Portal, which has the objective of producing a single point of harmonised reliable access to the Essential Climate Variables (ECV) data products generated by the CCI programmes.  The project aims to support the individual CCI projects in ensuring their data is provided to users in a consistent and complementary way to other key initiatives.

The project requires deployment of servers for a range of protocols and file formats that are also to be supported by the CCI Toolbox (e.g. WMS, WCS, FTP, OPeNDAP, netCDF-CF format, OBS4MIPS data sets).

CCI Toolbox


Telespazio VEGA UK is the project manager and provides developer support for the CCI Toolbox project.  The project’s aim is to develop a processing toolbox for the CCI community, to be used with the ECV datasets generated by the CCI ECV teams.

The Toolbox seeks to develop an application that will:

  • Ingest different ECV products into a common data model.
  • Compute algorithms homogeneously across a common data model.
  • Support ECV analysis and visualisation

CCI ECV Ocean Colour

Telespazio VEGA UK has been involved in ESA’s Climate Change Initiative, from the beginning of the initial programme in 2010, which aims to help build a detailed historical model of Ocean Colour and how it may be linked to changes in the Earth’s climate. It has led the highly successful Ocean Colour CCI project through Phase 1 (2010-2013) and also into the future through Phase 2 (2014-2017).

Telespazio VEGA UK has the primary role of Project Manager alongside the provision of Systems Engineering, a key aspect of which is the Data Access and Long Term Data Preservation aspects for the ECV’s, and User Requirements capture expertise including responding to queries and community engagement.

C3S Climate Data Store (CDS)

We are responsible are the prime contractors of the C3S Climate Store; a climate data archive which will provide a single point of access to all C3S data involving satellite, ground and airborne observations, as well as re-analyses and seasonal / long-term forecasting from models. Data from the CDS will underpin the sector-specific applications developed as part of the C3S (such as the Agricultural Climate Advisory Services).

Agricultural Climate Advisory Services AgriCLASS

Under the C3S program, TVUK are the prime contractor to build an Agricultural Information System using a combination of climate data and Agricultural data and models. The focus of the project is on woody perennial crops (Olives, Forestry, Viticulture) and the production of impact indicators that are affected by climate change.  Forest growth is affected by drought, Olive quality and harvest is affected by pest infestation (linked to climate) and viticulture is affected by the harvest date.  The project encompasses development of the system, data portal and website.

Sea Surface Temperature and Ozone CDR Production

These projects build upon the two pre-cursor ESA CCI Essential Climate Variable projects to support the development and implementation of a Climate Data Record production service for the C3S. We are prime for the SST project, responsible for service delivery and systems engineering.  On both projects, TVUK are developing the service status dashboard.

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