Launched in November 2016, WorldView-4 represents an investment in the future and in DigitalGlobe continuing commitment to helping you solve your real-world problems.

Operating at an altitude of 617km, WorldView-4 features 31cm panchromatic resolution, 1.24m multispectral resolution and 4m CE90 accuracy at nadir.

WorldView-4 joins WorldView-3 as the only commercial satellites that collect the world’s highest-resolution, 30cm commercial satellite imagery—and more than doubles our capacity to collect this 30cm imagery.

The launch of WorldView-4 brings more than just an additional satellite in the DigitalGlobe constellation. It represents an evolution in providing the DigitalGlobe with a living digital inventory of change to our planet. The DigitalGlobe is a unified platform for collecting, producing and delivering the highest-quality information, even from other sources.

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2019/07/28 9:05