Blacksky Constellation


Blacksky and Telespazio have formed a joint marketing and cooperation agreement to accelerate the introduction and adoption of Blacksky products and services into the European Market and beyond. Under the agreement, Blacksky, Telespazio and e-GEOS will also be collaborating on co-developing new products services to be delivered via the highly scalable, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning platform of Blacksky.

Blacksky main advantages

  • Constellation of at least 16 operational satellites
  • Resolution
  • Block-2 satellites: 2018-2020 @ 1mt
  • Block-3 satellites: from early 2021 @ 0,7mt
  • Unique revisit
  • Short latency
  • Assured Access/Tasking
  • Low pricing
  • Easy (and already available) ordering/dissemination via SPECTRA platform
  • Complementary with existing assets in both optical and SAR domain

2019/07/29 10:24