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DAMMINGS – keeping dams safe via satellite

Dams have been the source of some of the deadliest structural failures in history. They hold vast amounts of impounded water and are capable of suddenly unleashing tremendous destructive power, leading to massive loss of life and capital. This was tragically demonstrated in early 2019 when the Brumadinho dam in Brazil failed, killing 248 people.

Using the ‘Common Architecture’ to integrate EO Exploitation Platforms within the ‘Network of EO Resources’

Transforming the use of Earth Observation data from downloading locally to contributing to data ecosystem hosted environments is crucial to creating an environment for valuable data exploitation, according to Telespazio VEGA UK’s Tom Greig.

Creating Quality-Assured EO-based Climate Services in the Atlantic Region

Telespazio VEGA’s Geoff Busswell outlines some key input climate data sets to consider in developing climate service offerings to communities in the Atlantic region, with data quality being vital to allow users to select the right data and services for their application.

2019/02/03 9:16