Job Quality


Health and safety are the main elements of a corporate plan aimed at the people’s well-being, a priority that Telespazio safeguards by offering services in support of daily life in the company. To this end, the Group has initiated a number of specific actions to promote a culture of prevention, with the aim of making the company a safe workplace, minimizing the risk of injury.

The “Environment, Health and Safety Management System” currently in place expresses the strong commitment by the company to promote the prevention of injuries and environmental accidents, stressing the importance of continuous training and collaboration with the competent bodies for a progressive and continuous improvement in health and safety.

The company’s focus on these issues is confirmed by other initiatives. We obtained the certification of the “Occupational Health and Safety Management System” under OHSAS-18001, and the process aimed at obtaining the certification of the “Environmental Management System” under ISO 14001 is in progress.

2016/11/08 2:14