InnovationAt Telespazio VEGA, we pride ourselves on our innovation, being part of one of the world’s first companies operating in the space services sector. Since 1961, Telespazio has been active in the space applications and services sector, covering telecommunications, orbital management of satellites, Earth Observation, geoinformationservices, satellite navigation, system engineering, testing.

At the heart of developing competitive solutions is strong innovation monitoring. Today’s technology and space applications represent an essential element to providing services to the community, businesses and institutions. We are therefore constantly looking for innovative solutions in different application domains, aiming to be a genuine innovation hub.

Through Telespazio’s research & development and innovation monitoring, we aim to build a strong engineering culture, leveraging the internationally recognised best practices in space applications and services. Discover more about our team and how we’re constantly looking to improve our services.

2016/11/25 1:25