Cyber Essentials Plus certification for Telespazio VEGA


24 October 2019 – Telespazio VEGA UK has successfully passed the Cyber Essentials Plus certification audit on the ‘Corporate’ network.

Cyber Essentials Plus certification is a Government recognised standard and a pre-requisite for some of the UK Government related business opportunities. It is designed to help companies to:

  • Guard against the most common cyber threats
  • Understand where cyber threats may come from
  • Demonstrate to customers and suppliers that the company has a commitment to cyber security

The Standard covers the following five technical controls:

  • Secure your Internet connection
  • Secure your devices and software
  • Control access to your data and services
  • Protect from viruses and other malware
  • Keep your devices and software up to date with software patches.

Ongoing, this is an annual audit where checks are carried out to ensure that patching of software is maintained to the required level and that the ICT security perimeter is still secure against the common cyber threats, such as malicious content in e-mails and downloads of certain types of files from websites.

“We are delighted that our ICT integrated team have been able to implement the required changes, which have enabled us to achieve this certification. Achieving Cyber Essentials+ provides TPZV UK with a window of new opportunities and is a very important certification that is being asked for frequently on UK government contracts,” says Marco Folino, UK CEO.

2019/10/24 7:00