Opportunities & Development


As an organisation that aspires to excellence, Telespazio VEGA recognises the need to appreciate our people for their achievements. Without the skills, dedication and enthusiasm of our people, we would not be where we are today. Telespazio VEGA continually strives to create a rewarding environment, offer ample opportunity for personal and professional development and support our people in balancing work and life.

To ensure that we remain relevant and of value to our clients, Telespazio VEGA has created an environment that encourages and rewards innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. This, offered with the financial stability afforded us as part of the Finmeccanica group of companies, means that valid business ideas are given the appropriate backing and support to enable them to succeed.

We also recognise that each individual has their own aspirations for personal development. Therefore, we offer a range of career options that enable consultants to enhance individual niche capabilities, embrace the challenge of business development, and take on the responsibility of a management role. These opportunities are made available through a structured career development programme which enables our people to look closely at themselves, where they are today, and where they see themselves in the future. We recognise and support all these ambitions and look to retain a rich mix of skills and capabilities that will continue to support our clients’ evolving business requirements.

Continuous Learning

As a business, Telespazio VEGA places great emphasis on allowing our people to learn and develop, both personally and professionally. We share ideas with colleagues and clients, challenge each other and learn through our involvement with a variety of projects.

Telespazio VEGA provides ample opportunity for more formal training. We encourage our people to undertake professional qualifications, and support those who undertake study which relates to their work.

For more information and to talk to our experts call +44 (0)1582 399 000 or email careers@telespazio.com

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