CultureTelespazio VEGA’s culture is defined by our people, and drives the value we deliver through the relationships we have with our stakeholders.

Our culture is distinct and discernible, mirroring the multi-national, multi-disciplinary environment in which we work. It is based on a practical engineering ethos that thrives on challenge, and engenders a rigorous, analytical, results-oriented approach to problem solving. We are open and honest, say what we believe, and challenge that which we do not.

At Telespazio VEGA, our culture is also based on a pursuit of excellence and thought leadership – not only in our understanding of the technologies with which we work and the market domains in which they are applied, but also in the quality of the ideas, methodologies, services and solutions we deliver.

We share with our clients an unparalleled enthusiasm for Space and its application in society. Therefore, we are able to empathise strongly, and invest this understanding and commitment into long-term relationships with our clients and stakeholders.

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2016/11/28 8:35