Brussels: Telespazio at the tenth Annual Conference on Europe Space Policy


10th European Space Policy Conf24 January 2018 – The Coordinator for Space Activities of Leonardo and the Chief Executive officer of Telespazio, Luigi Pasquali, spoke at the Conference on European Space Policy, which was held in Brussels from 23-24 January. The topic of the 10th edition was “More Space for More Europe”.

Luigi Pasquali stated: “Italy has really understood the strategic value of Space. This is acknowledged by both the recent approval of The Space Bill (DDL Spazio), which attributes the coordination of space policy to the Presidency of the Council, and the launch of the project, “Space Economy” by the Ministry of Economic Development, supported by the Italian Space Agency, which we hope will take off as soon as possible. The Italian space industry and the Leonardo Group, which employs over 70% of the people working in the industry in the country, are important assets in this context. They need to be promoted, even with the prospect of the contribution which Italy can make in reinforcing European Space programs. Space is a sector which is constantly evolving and the European space industry needs to respond to the challenges of this transformation and to the opportunities deriving from this.

Thanks to cutting-edge technologies and skills, and to solid partnerships – added Pasquali – Leonardo is ready to cover a front-line role in “Space 4.0”. Innovating in the more traditional fields of space, and supplying added value services to new economic sectors, like agriculture, insurance, and finance, who are increasingly interested in the data coming from Space.”

2018/01/24 10:30