Telespazio VEGA UK wins ‘Best in Domain’ award from the European Space Agency


27 September 2019 – Telespazio VEGA UK (a Leonardo and Thales company) has won a ‘Best in Domain’ award from the European Space Agency (ESA) for work in 2018.

The prize was given at the ESA Frame Primes meeting, with Telespazio VEGA UK recognised in three domain areas:

  • Radio Frequency Systems, Payload & Technologies (PLT) for engineering support in the European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) in the Netherlands;
  • Telecommunications & Integrated Applications (TIA) also for activities at ESTEC;
  • Training Support to Human Space Flights & Exploration for activities in the European Astronaut Centre (EAC) in Cologne’ Germany.

The Activity Domain PLT, Radio Frequency Systems, Payload and Technologies, encompasses the broad and technically challenging area of microwave radio signal communication between space systems and ground. This focuses on everything from the specific radio frequency technologies, equipment and systems on board the spacecraft to the telecommunication systems which control the RF payloads.  PLT is one of the most demanding activity areas in the Technical Directorate in terms of supply requirements so we are very proud of our success here.

The TIA Directorate objective is to stimulate innovation and associated R&D with the ultimate goal of creating impact via new technology, services and applications involving satellite communications. Impact can be created via the use of such applications by government or industry customers.  We have a very experienced, dependable team in this domain.  

We work with a number of partners on the ESA Frame project including Telespazio VEGA Deutschland, together with its two long-term partners Fra Mauro from Spain and Aera from Italy. These partners provide services within the Training Support for Human Spaceflight and Exploration domain at EAC in Cologne, Germany.

The key services in the Training Support domain include the continuous development and maintenance of the software infrastructure, which is the backbone of the training management. This infrastructure keeps track of the Astronaut and Ground Support Personnel training and certification status.

Furthermore, we provide Instructional System Design expertise, which includes developing and overseeing the training methodologies applied and ensures the highest quality standards and the evolution towards new training media. Our team is at the heart of the Astronaut Training excellence and together with our client enables the training of Astronauts in Europe.

Telespazio VEGA UK CEO, Marco Folino, said: “Thank you to everyone who has worked so hard to make this award possible through their continued commitment and support.  This is a great achievement that highlights the value of the work done on the ESA Frame programme and our long-term relationship with ESA.” The ‘Best in Domain’ award was collected by Telespazio VEGA UK’s Head of Engineering Support, Satellite Systems and Operations, Anna Corlyon, and Telespazio VEGA UK’s ESTEC Service Manager, Susan Kelly.

2019/09/27 8:00